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Flexible labeling and packaging systems are modular secondary packaging lines featuring cartoning, labeling units, case packing and palletizing. Stevanato Group.
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Because flexibility matters

Partnering with some of the major pharmaceutical companies has led us to develop a range of proven solutions based on standard platforms, which can be equipped with dedicated modules, providing incredibly compact and versatile lines that can perform multiple types of packaging.

Tailored machine configurations and application of variable data give you maximum flexibility relating to the number and type of products to be packaged. Additionally, cartoners can be equipped with automatic change-over without operator intervention, maximizing production output and cost effectiveness.


Some examples of the operations performed on our lines include:

  • Product feeding complete with coding
  • Labelling
  • Carton forming (pre-glued or from flat blank)
  • Separator forming and insertion
  • Package composition
  • Product and leaflet insertion
  • Check weighing
  • Tamper evidence sealing (label or hot-melt)
  • Serialization

Verified operations

We understand the need for 100% quality and use a range of cameras and sensors to verify operations are executed correctly. To maximize your production efficiency, we verify a number of processes including:

  • Label verification prior to application
  • Print quality inspection
  • Product presence check
  • Integration of serialization systems for full traceability

End Of Line equipment

  • Modular design – layout can be adapted based on the application
  • Different feeding and handling systems – for maximum coordination and accuracy
  • Highly flexible - adjusting to different carton sizes, with automated change over as an option
  • High automation - fully automated loading and unloading of boxes to and from pallets
  • Multitasking grippers - high output rate and multiple patterns, in a compact layout
  • Add-on options – the unit can be configured with several components, such as labeling and loading area for pallets

Explore our success stories

The key to our success is listening to your needs. At every step, we support you with professional project management, a flexible approach, and a strong commitment to deliver exactly what you ordered. Learn more about some of our success stories.

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