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The Code of Ethics serves as a guiding document that outlines the standards and criteria of conduct to be followed by all our employees, as well as everyone collaborating or holding business relations with Stevanato Group.

Its purpose is to ensure compliance with current legislation and prevent inappropriate behavior and offenses, promote transparency, and protect the legitimate interests of all stakeholders involved.

In line with the the Code of Ethics, Stevanato Group has implemented a whistleblowing policy to further enhance transparency and accountability and has adopted the whistleblowing platform “Integrity Line”to provide a means for individuals to report any concerns or potential violations of laws or regulations.

The “Integrity Line” platform is provided by a third-party supplier, EQS S.r.l., to grant duty confidentiality and best practices and security standards.

A Whistleblowing Committee has been established to oversee the management of the reports. This committee is responsible for evaluating each report, conducting investigations as necessary, and implementing appropriate measures based on their findings.

Through this initiative, Stevanato Group intends to promote and maintain an adequate internal control system to manage and verify the methods of carrying out business activities to ensure compliance with national and community laws as well as corporate regulatory instruments, and disseminate, at all levels, the culture based on transparency and awareness of the existence of such controls and its conscious and voluntary exercises.

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