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Life at Stevanato Group People, with their experiences and skills, are the key to unlocking Stevanato Group’s success. Life at Stevanato Group.
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From Operator to Department Leader

Monica joined Stevanato Group in 2001 as an operator in the clean room for vials (ACC). She has recently become Department Leader and wanted to share her experience.

A Chinese Experience

«I joined Stevanato Group in 2015 as Operational Excellence Engineer to develop visual management systems and standardize processes in the production departments of the Group. After 6 months training I moved to our plant in Zhangjiagang (China), to implement what I learned in Italy. I’ve been Production Manager in China for 2 years and after this experience abroad I came back to Italy. Now I’m department leader for vials in Piombino Dese.»

Emiliano – Department Leader in Piombino Dese (Italy)

From Italy to the US

«For 5 years I provided front-end technical support to our global clients from Stevanato Group's Piombino Dese plant.

When the company expanded operations this area, I had the opportunity to move to the US. I now manage technical projects related to the biotechnology sector and the next generation of devices for injectables.»

Anthony – Customer Technical Support in US

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