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Medical Solutions: Development, production and assembly of customized solutions for your specific medical application – with high functionality and quality requirements. Medical Solutions, Stevanato Group.
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High Quality Solutions for Your Medical Applications

In developing and manufacturing medical solutions, we combine functionality to deliver added-value solutions. Our products feature excellent quality and design, ensuring safe, reliable and efficient use.

We focus on important trends, such as miniaturization, to offer our customers advanced medical technology products that range from surgical and dentistry products to components for blood pump implants.

With extensive expertise in R&D, industrialization, molding, manual and automatic assembly, quality and regulatory support, we are ideally placed to help you deliver world-class medical applications.

Our support extends throughout the product life cycle – from concept development, product design and process optimization to industrialization and beyond.  As a leading CDMO, we pride ourselves on our long relationships with customers, who depend on us for efficient project management and 360° support.

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Surgical Devices

Our offer ranges from vascular to cardiac and ophthalmic surgical devices, as well as disposable scalpels. Consistent, tight tolerances of molded components and assembly play a major role in the production of surgical devices.

Blood Treatments

We offer solutions for oxygenators and blood filters requiring camera vision technology for accurate insert placement and mold protection.

Case Study

The Challenge

A North American company was looking for a manufacturer of components to be incorporated in an assembly used in open-heart surgery procedures for cleaning and recycling blood back to the patient’s body while adding oxygen. This project thus required a complex design phase combined with the adoption of high-performance co-polyester material. Our integrated capabilities and high-quality solutions were just the perfect match for this demanding challenge.

Our Added Value ​

  • We involved our in-house tool designers experienced in DfM to ensure the highest level of output.​
  • We were able to engage with a leading tool supplier as a result of our established relationship.​
  • We applied Scientific Molding methodologies mitigating the challenges of molding co-polyester.​
  • Our clean-room production assured the required cleanliness of the product for such a complex project.
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