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Proprietary and licensed devices - Stevanato Group
Offering integrated capabilities for your drug delivery systems programs. Proprietary and licensed devices - Stevanato Group
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Offering integrated capabilities for your drug delivery systems programs.

Over the past few years, Stevanato Group has strategically expanded its drug delivery systems team and broadened its offering to include capabilities and services as an integrated solutions provider. The company is now offering a broader range of solutions to its pharmaceutical partners, such as contract manufacturing of devices, which is key, to produce their drug delivery systems.

Boasting a one-stop-shop approach enabled us to collaborate in a more meaningful way on a higher number and variety of programs. We have explored the combination product space extensively, focusing on four categories of drug delivery systems: pen-injectors, auto-injectors, wearables, and inhalers.

With regards to pen injectors, Stevanato Group is developing a new device platform based on Haselmeier’s variable-dose pen injection technology, Axis-D into the diabetes space for the delivery of insulin/insulin analog products and GLP-1s.

For auto-injectors, the company has recently announced a collaboration with Duoject Medical Systems for Maverick, an emergency use auto-injector, while SG EZ-be Pod® is a proprietary cartridge-based wearable device for adjustable regimens.

Finally, on inhalers, Stevanato Group is working with ICONOVO on a capsule-based inhaler system for asthma and COPD.

SG Alina Pen Injector

A platform pen injector for diabetes care, exclusively based on IP and technology licensed from Haselmeier

Maverick Auto-injector

An innovative cartridge-based auto-injector for emergency use in partnership with Duoject and Novocol Pharma

SG EZ-be Pod® Wearable

Our proprietary wearable device designed to maximize patient comfort utilizing innovative technology to optimize the compactness of the device

ICOcap Inhaler

An easy-to-use dry powder inhaler with improved handling features licensed from inhalation specialty firm Iconovo


The innovative, fully passive SG EZ-fill® integrated safety system designed to prevent needle-stick injuries


Integrated Tip Cap (ITC) expanding the offering of closure systems for EZ-fill® pre-fillable syringes

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