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Our experts can test a variety of drug delivery systems performing container closure system-device integration, functionality testing and custom experiments. Drug Delivery Systems Testing.
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Stevanato Group’s laboratories have access to all the latest equipment and tools for performing functional testing and characterization of drug delivery systems. Our multi-disciplinary teams cover a range of expertise, including industrial chemistry, physics, material science, biomedical and chemistry. Customers can rely on our knowledge and experience to thoroughly analyze the performance attributes of their device technologies.

Our expertise can guide customers in different technical fields:

  • Primary container (Plastic/glass)
  • Plastic components
  • Engineering (prototyping/industrialization)
  • Drug Delivery Systems (Medical devices and
    combination products)

We perform testing on a variety of Drug Delivery Systems, including:

  • Needle-based Injection Systems
  • Pen and Auto-Injector Systems
  • Single-Dose and Multi-Dose Systems
  • Inhaler Systems

DDS characterization and functionality testing

319 DDS
Fixture design for testing
63 Engineering Services
Mathematical modeling
307 Mechanical
Mechanical simulation
89A Filled Cartridge Level
Fluid dynamics simulation
41A Cartridge Plunger
Sub assembled components and core technologies analysis
68 Tailored Analytics Services
Customized and tailored methods

Container closure system and drug delivery device integration

89A Filled Cartridge Level
Fluid dynamics simulation
63 Engineering Services
Mathematical modeling
319 DDS
Fixture design for testing

Math models are used to replicate the physical phenomena that drives the correlation between injection time and force. In contrast, the fixture design replicates the phenomena and verifies the simulation.

The software helps with the selection of the syringe design (needle/format) and spring force based on the drug's physical properties and desired injection time.

  • Device performance optimization
  • Mechanical simulation
  • Sub assembled components analysis
  • Customized and tailored methods

Design of Experiment (DOE), product and process development and optimization of primary packaging


  • Technology scouting and application
  • Silicone/coating and nebulization/deposition
  • Glass forming process
  • Fluid dynamic simulation
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Mechanical simulation
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