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Stevanato Group invests 4% of turnover in R&D to be a supplier of drug containment solutions, technologies and services to partner biopharmaceutical companies. Research & Development.
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Delivering science-based innovation through research, design excellence, and engineering expertise.

R&D is a fundamental component in the growth of Stevanato Group, into which the company re-invests approximately 4% of its turnover each year.

R&D also represents a dimension of Stevanato Group’s vision, allowing it to evolve from a packaging component and automated equipment supplier to a global drug-delivery-systems strategic partner with a full-service approach to bio-pharmaceutical companies.

Being involved in the customer’s drug development process from an early stage, Stevanato Group can deliver science-based innovation through various services, including:


Clinical, laboratory and registration services with its laboratory and Technology Excellence Center, such as the one to be opened in Boston, Massachusetts in 2020


High-quality product development, including in-depth risk analysis to ensure a standardized project execution process


Definition of new proof of concept with rapid prototyping and engineering especially for the optimization of customer’s filling process, automation and robotics in device assembly, testing and inspection


Advanced technical customer support benefiting from experts in the field of materials science (such as glass, plastics, polymers, coating, rubbers, and proteins), chemical science, mechanical engineering and medical devices


Generation of technical and regulatory documentation fully compliant with global regulations such as those of the US FDA, China FDA, and EMA

A comprehensive offer keeping patient's safety at the center
Biologic Drugs Growth
  • Global growth of biologics (~10% CAGR 2013-18) has been higher vs. small molecules (~5% CAGR)
  • More than 1/3 of drugs launched in the next 5 years will be brought to market by emerging biopharma companies
Increased quality expectations in emerging markets

Regulators throughout the world are putting increased focus on safety and controls

Reducing Time to Market

Need to reduce drug development timeline, while maintaining drug integrity

Emerging of Companion Diagnostics (CDx)

CDx leverage biomarkers to predict the likely response of a drug to a specific patient

Moving therapy from Hospital to Home

Increasing trend of self-medication to improve patient's adherence to therapy and reduce hospitalization costs

Increasing cost-containment measures in mature market

Rising healthcare costs are putting pressure on drug prices and reimbursement mechanisms