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Stevanato Group invests 4% of turnover in R&D to be a supplier of drug containment solutions, technologies and services to partner biopharmaceutical companies. Research & Development.
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Research & Development

R&D is a fundamental component in the growth of Stevanato Group, into which the company re-invests approximately 4% of its turnover each year. R&D also represents a dimension of Stevanato Group’s vision, allowing it to evolve from a packaging component and automated equipment supplier to a global drug-delivery-systems strategic partner with a full-service approach to bio-pharmaceutical companies.

Being involved in the customer’s drug development process from an early stage, Stevanato Group can deliver science-based innovation through various services, including:

  • Clinical, laboratory and registration services with its laboratory and Technology Excellence Center, such as the one to be opened in Boston, Massachusetts in 2020
  • High-quality product development, including in-depth risk analysis to ensure a standardized project execution process
  • Definition of new proof of concept with rapid prototyping and engineering especially for the optimization of customer’s filling process, automation and robotics in device assembly, testing and inspection
  • Advanced technical customer support benefiting from experts in the field of materials science (such as glass, plastics, polymers, coating, rubbers, and proteins), chemical science, mechanical engineering and medical devices
  • Generation of technical and regulatory documentation fully compliant with global regulations such as those of the US FDA, China FDA, and EMA

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Research & Development