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Feeding and handling systems : solutions for visual inspection equipment and seamless integration in your production line, up and downwards. Feeding and handling systems.
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De-nesting and re-nesting

A wide range of solutions to handle syringes, and other primary packaging containers, with the utmost care.

Up to 6,000 pieces per hour

This reliable syringe de-nester and re-nester unit is perfectly suitable for semi-automatic or low-speed automatic inspection machines and capable of running up to 6000 pieces per hour. It adapts to any Nest & Tub available on the market and gently handles the syringes: at the infeed, a sworm grants the containers enter at the right pace, while at the outfeed a 3-axis robot gently picks the syringes and places them back.

Up to 12,000 pieces per hour

This de-nester module is designed to couple with our Easy 200 SY automatic vision inspection machine. With two robots ensuring no metal-to-glass contact and gentle handling to the conveyor, it can process different nest designs at up to 12,000 syringes per hour.

Up to 18,000 pieces per hour

We like challenges. This de-cassetter was specifically designed to fit with the customer’s tray and to increase their production; processing up to 18,000 micro vials per hour. A fully automated and customized project, this solution represents our flexibility and commitment to solving your challenges.

Up to 40,000 pieces per hour

Nestor is an ultra-compact de-nesting and re-nesting unit with configurable inlet and outlet, designed to handle up to 39,600 syringes per minute to and from nests & tubs. Its capacity, the highest on the market, goes along with extremely high modularity, enabling easy integration with existing equipment and adaptability for different layouts.

Flexible inlets and outlets

Our range of feeding and sorting systems is designed to cover all your requirements for maximum flexibility and productivity of your inspection processes.

We have developed and field-tested several infeed applications, such as inline, de-nest, rotary, and bulk, which can be set to the customer’s needs. Flexibility and modularity are the main features of our outfeed solutions, with up to 8 outlets that can be freely configured from the HMI, ensuring optimal product handling and operational reliability.

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