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We offer state-of-the-art solutions for reliable particle inspection and detection of cosmetic defects, as well as complementary technologies. Visual inspection technologies.
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Expediting your innovation with our technologies

We offer state-of-the-art solutions for reliable particle inspection and detection of cosmetic defects, as well as complementary technologies, such as leak detection to test container integrity.

Our inspection capabilities at a glance

When dealing with pharma inspection, there is no “one-fits-all” solution. At Stevanato Group, we evaluate each product and its properties and recommend a technology that best suits your requirements.

inspection capabilities
inspection capabilities

Camera inspection: matrix and line scan cameras

The key factors for deciding between a matrix or line scan cameras are the properties of the container, its content and possible defect scenarios.

Whatever the task, we leverage our expertise and mastering of advanced technologies to synchronize the field of view, acquisition of images, illumination, container spinning speed and rotation scheme.


Inspection of Water-like Products, Clear and Dark

With our particle tracking algorithm, we can efficiently detect particles in a wide range of liquid pharmaceutical products.

  • Very effective in minimizing spurious responses
  • Particle size and shape determined with robustness
  • High detection rate even through printing or occlusions
  • Very low false-rejects in difficult-to-inspect areas, such as the meniscus or bottom of the container

Inspection of Suspensions and Milky Drugs

We have developed a patented method to reliably inspect even the most challenging suspensions or turbid products, such as insulin. Coupling high speed, line scan cameras and smart lighting systems we achieve a high detection rate and a simultaneous low false rejection rate. Our method features:

  • Product homogenization
  • High speed spinning to move particles outside
  • Side light projection to increase contrast
  • Line scan cameras for highest sensitivity and lowest noise
  • Multiple stations for correlating very dense suspensions

Inspection of Very Viscous Products

With common camera inspection techniques, it is hard to distinguish what is inside or outside the container when filled with very viscous products, such as hyaluronic acid.

Our 3D particle position detection technique provides:

  • Trajectory analysis to determine apparent speed
  • Reliable detection through printing or occlusions
  • Robust particle size and shape determination
  • Laser diffraction for denaturation detection

Inspection for lyophilized products

Freeze-dried products are typically difficult to inspect and their variable characteristics can easily be misclassified as defects.

Lighting and image capture techniques are the key to an accurate and precise automated inspection of lyophilized products. Here are some of the approaches we successfully implemented:

  • Special lights to separate glass and particles from the variable lyo surface topology and appearance
  • Multiple lighting setups are used correlating the views to enhance detection rate (DR) and lower false rejects
  • Multiple views enhance 360° detection of the lyophilized cake

Container closure integrity: HVLD and HGA

Loss of sterility in parenteral products is one of the most serious threats to patient safety. Leak detection techniques can effectively verify container integrity. Stevanato Group applies high voltage leak detection (HVLD) for the detection of leaks in containers filled with liquid and head space gas analysis (HGA) to test containers filled with lyophilized products.

HVLD Features

  • Superior to Dye Testing
  • Objective
  • Fast > 600 pcs/min
  • HV is better than vacuum for viscous liquid
  • No influence on proteinaceous active products
  • Temperature compensated conductivity for higher stability

HGA Features

HGA is applicable to packages optically transparent to NIR radiation in the range 760 -1400nm (tubular, molded, clear, amber glass, PP, PE, COC, COP).

HGA ensures 100%:

  • Maintenance of headspace conditions created during package manufacturing
  • Sterility & stability for filled and finished packages

We can provide integrated Leak Detection systems on any of our inspection machines


Artificial Intelligence

Recent advancements in artificial intelligence can optimize pharma visual inspection processes, providing advanced analytical tools to identify and classify defective products with greater accuracy and robustness.

How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) reduce false reject rate without sacrificing the detection rate?

  1. Robustness to variability: the model can systematically embed a much larger knowledge base in comparison to a rule-based classic solution
    ‣ This results in a reduction of false-rejects

  2. Continuous improvement: the model can increase knowledge efficiently to improve accuracy of the outcome
    ‣ This results in a further reduction of false-rejects

Furthermore, AI models can generalize the acquired information to classify several similar objects and knowledge abstraction can be used to optimize costs. For example, different syringe flanges from various suppliers can be inspected using the same AI model.

Do you want to get the most out of your machines?

Stevanato Group Vision AI, the platform integrating Deep Learning models, will enhance your equipment inspection performances, enabling to reduce false rejects while increasing the detection rate.
Save money and rely on skilled AI and vision engineers.


NIR, X-RAY and Bubble suppression: never stop exploring

Our main goal is to support our customers and help them successfully overcome their challenges. Sometimes this means adopting new and innovative methods of inspection. We have successfully tested the following techniques:

xray infrared bubble suppression
Stopper Glass Cartridges
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