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Vision, Mission & Values - Stevanato Group
Vision, Mission and Values express our commitment to preserve the integrity of drugs. Mission, Vision and Values of Stevanato Group.
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Creating a reliable ecosystem to empower our partners and their ability to produce safe, easy-to-use and cost-effective treatments to improve patients’ life.


We cooperate deeply with our partners all over the world, providing our know-how, resources and enthusiasm to turn every project into an achievement.

We are fully committed to be the best, objective-focused partner in the research and delivery of innovative solutions to support the success of our customers.

And we never stand still.

In fact, it’s our continual innovation and pioneering of new trends in pharmaceutical glass packaging that ensures we produce the world’s most advanced solutions year after year, enhancing the level of product integrity that can be guaranteed to patients and always seeking to exceed customer expectations.


Our vision and mission are based on five fundamental values, each one closely connected to the other in order to guarantee harmonious interaction, resulting in a leadership position that is rooted in excellence:

  • Trust and respect everyone
  • Be accountable
  • Be ethical, Always
  • Listen and communicate with transparency and honesty
  • Deliver results

Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles provide us with practical direction on how to be more effective in living our Values, daily. They help us work as an aligned, integrated team that pursues the common goal of building value for the Group, with a focus on customer needs, best product development, and efficiency. The adoption of the Guiding Principles allows us to set a single tone within the Group, leading us to achieve our Mission and create systems, processes, and services that guarantee the integrity of medicines:

  • Will to win well, have a big goal
  • Don’t be standard
  • Competence, experience, and preparation
  • Consistency, execution, and decision making
  • Humility

We turn every project into an achievement

We renewed our payoff and corporate key visual to create a unique and memorable brand identity and embody our company personality and commitment to the customers.

Stevanato Group and its customers operate in a complex world. Biopharma companies seek security as one of the highest added values. As a trusted partner, we are the “magician” helping them turn problems into solutions. We manage complexity to deliver value for our customers.

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Key Visual image