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Discover EZ-fill platform: a fully integrated pre-sterilized containment solution for your aseptic manufacturing. Ready-to-use vials, syringes and cartridges platform
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Why EZ-fill®?

Many Pharmaceutical companies are looking for ways to lower their footprint and reduce total costs by relying on experienced external partners for non-core activities. When it comes to containment solutions for biopharmaceutical products, no solution matches EZ-fill®, whose proven advantages have turned its processing technology into an industry standard.


As the industry shifts from a traditional, top-down model towards a more flexible approach, pharmaceutical companies are seeking ways to increase speed-to-market and accommodate small or large batch production.

Thanks to its ready-to-fill format, EZ-fill® leverages the commonalities between different fill-finish processes allowing the adoption of multi-product lines.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

EZ-fill® is the only pre-sterilized customizable solution in the market. It is available in nest-and-tub or tray configurations.

Reduced time-to-market

An easy, flexible and streamlined production process means pharmaceutical and biotech companies can immediately fill our EZ-fill® pre-sterilized vials containment solution, as well as cartridges and syringes systems, consistently shortening time to market.

It’s the perfect solution for both clinical trials and during the industrialization phase.

Increased quality and patient safety

Patient safety is at the heart of container design and engineering. By separating all containers in the secondary packaging, EZ-fill® ensures maximum integrity of the pre-sterilized containers during transportation and in buffering/in-feeding operations, while minimizing glass-to-glass contact.

This allows for an effective mitigation of the risk of breakages, cosmetic issues and particle generation. In turn, it brings significant advantages, both mechanically and in performance, because it dramatically reduces production stops and rejects during inspection.


Over the last 12 years, more than 250 lines have been installed using EZ-fill® packaging technology. Adopted by the leading glass primary packaging suppliers worldwide, EZ-fill® has become the market’s most established choice for pre-sterilized containers.

EZ-fill Smart™
The enhanced ready-to-use vial platform
for your aseptic manufacturing

Close collaboration with key providers of ready-to-use closures and add-on components allows us to offer not only glass primary packaging, but fully compliant containment systems. This enables pharmaceutical companies to solve specific concerns, such as breakages, cosmetic issues and particle generation; and allows them to concentrate on core activities like new drug development.

Mr. Eugenio Starita

Pharmaceutical Consultant Industrial Operations & CDMO Expert

Hear from a CDMO expert the advantages of choosing EZ-fill® solutions: quality, flexibility and ROI.

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