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Optimized glass primary containers - StevanatoGroup
We offer characterization services for the selection, optimization and integration of primary containers with your device.
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High Quality, Ready-to-Use Pharmaceutical
Glass Containers that Protect Drug Integrity

Glass plays a crucial role in protecting drug integrity and the performance of any parenteral injection device. By continually perfecting the forming process, we have become a leading producer of high-quality, high-value, ready-to-use, primary packaging for drug delivery systems.

Designed for Drug Delivery Systems: Our Specialty Primary Container Solutions

We offer characterization services for the selection, optimization and integration of primary containers with your device. We also offer ready-to-use syringes and cartridges with up to three times the mechanical resistance of standard glass containers. These high-performance solutions provide a reliable platform for high-force drug delivery devices and support delivery of higher volume and viscous drugs.

Cartridge integration into wearable devices,
auto-injectors, and pen injectors

SG Nexa® 3X glass cartridges: Integrating a glass cartridge into a device has never been so easy

SG Nexa® 3x Cartridges are suitable for a range of device applications, offering up to 3 times the mechanical resistance when compared to a standard glass container. Thanks to an external anti-friction and anti-scratch silicone coating, SG Nexa® 3x better withstands the stresses of fill/finish processes too.


We offer

Characterization of the proper primary container closure system

3 mL – 20 mL standard and customized glass

We offer

Syringe integration with auto-injectors

SG Nexa® Glass Syringe: made to resist

Nexa syringes are specifically designed to meet the dimensional requirements of auto-injectors and to ensure excellent mechanical resistance when compared to a standard syringe. These durable properties are derived through optimized product handling throughout the entire manufacturing process. Advanced in-line inspection technologies carefully check products before release, leading to a minimum risk of in-line breakages during filling operations.


SG Alba® breakthrough solution for biologics

Optimized for highly sensitive biologics, Alba consists of a range of vials and syringes with consistent chemical and mechanical characteristics. A crosslinked silicon layer provides a consistent interface for complex biologic drugs. Customers can migrate from one container to another with predictable results, de-risking the drug development process when changing container formats from clinical trials to the commercial phase.


We Offer

Characterization of the proper primary container closure system

1mL, 2.25mL and custom pre-fillable EZ-fill® syringes

We Offer

Microvials for respiratory applications

Our glass micro-vials are produced from Type 1 glass, with a variety of different designs for full compatibility with spray devices. This includes single and multi-dose nasal or sublingual applications

  • Custom single or bi dose microvials

SG EZ-fill®: The market standard for the aseptic manufacturing

SG EZ-fill® containers are now the market standard reference and are at the core of many complex drug delivery systems. We also customize cartridges, syringes, barrels and micro-vials for special applications.

Find out more about SG EZ-fill®

Key Benefits of our Glass Primary Packaging Solutions

High performance through accurate production methods and industry-leading dimensional controls & cosmetic inspection

Reduced time-to-market from clinical to product launch through our ready-to-fill product lines

Drug delivery systems compatibility and reliable performance for the end-user, ensuring accurate dosing and low dead-volume

Increased traceability through industry-leading track & trace solutions for fill & finish operations

Key Benefits of our Glass Primary Packaging Solutions

Maverick™ Auto-injector

An innovative cartridge-based auto-injector for emergency use in partnership with Duoject and Novocol Pharma

ICOcap Inhaler

An easy-to-use dry powder inhaler with improved handling features licensed from inhalation specialty firm Iconovo

SG EZ-be Pod® Wearable

Our proprietary wearable device designed to maximize patient comfort utilizing innovative technology to optimize the compactness of the device

SG Alina® Pen Injector

A platform pen injector for diabetes care, exclusively based on IP and technology licensed from Haselmeier


The innovative, fully passive SG EZ-fill® integrated safety system designed to prevent needle-stick injuries


Integrated Tip Cap (ITC) expanding the offering of closure systems for EZ-fill® pre-fillable syringes

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