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Flexible handling systems for secondary packaging machines in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Flexible Handling Systems, Stevanato Group.
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Flexible and reliable solutions

Along with specially customized solutions for your products, we offer a variety of well-proven feeding and handling systems to ensure maximum operational reliability and container integrity.

Flexible feeding systems

Optimize and increase your production with our flexible infeed solutions for secondary packaging of pharmaceutical and biotech products.

Horizontal or vertical infeed? Customized tray infeed or sorting systems? We evaluate your requirements and develop reliable solutions based on proven technologies.

Gentle parenteral handling

Everything in the pharma industry is about quality. This is also our motto when designing and manufacturing systems to handle primary containers. Stevanato Group offers different solutions running from 100 to 660ppm that can be integrated in any other machine or process; from a filling or an inspection machine to blistering or packaging machines.

Meet Nestor: The Smart De-Nesting And Re-Nesting Unit

Nestor is an ultra-compact de-nesting and re-nesting unit with a configurable inlet and outlet, designed to handle up to 660 syringes per minute, to and from, nests & tubs. Its capacity, the highest on the market, goes along with an extremely high modularity. This means it can be easily integrated with existing equipment and adapted to any layout.

Inspiring you

A leading pharma company tasked us to design and manufacture a complete line, including automatic visual inspection, denesting&renesting, packaging and palletizing modules for high-value vaccines. Its features? High efficiency for optimal production flows and smart solutions to enhance continuous manufacturing.

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