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Glass Cartridges - Stevanato Group
Stevanato Group, through its historic Ompi brand, is currently the market leader in cartridge manufacturing. Cartridges ranges from 1mL to 20mL. Glass Cartridge System.
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Glass Cartridge System

With over 70 years of experience in glass production, Stevanato Group, through its historic Ompi brand, is currently the market leader in cartridge manufacturing.

Our portfolio of cartridges ranges from 1mL to 20mL formats, suitable for both liquid and powder formulations thanks to by-pass and multi-bypass engineering. Large-volume cartridges and dual chamber cartridges are also available in a wide range of formats.

Our highly-accurate glass converting process includes:

  • Extended 100% temperature control by pyrometers
  • Monitoring of forming speed (rotation and tool speed)
  • 100% online dimensional controls for the most critical/crucial dimensions and statistical in-process controls
  • Optimized tool design and use of new materials for improved handling of the cartridges
  • 100% online camera control for cosmetic defects

With complete control of the forming conditions and through continuous product improvements, Stevanato Group can ensure:

  • Internal shape optimization to maximize dosing accuracy
  • High glass resistance from external forces acting on the primary packaging such as drug delivery systems

Nexa® 3x Cartridges: Three times the mechanical resistance of a standard glass cartridge

The presence of surface flaws can reduce the overall strength of glass containers. When applying a load (e.g. during injection with a pen injector) the defect could trigger a failure in the glass leading to the breakage of the whole component. This can have serious implications for both the patient and pharmaceutical company.

Stevanato Group has launched Nexa® 3x Cartridges, a full range of products that offer up to 3 times the mechanical resistance when compared to a standard glass container. Thanks to an external anti-friction and anti-scratches silicone coating, Nexa® 3x better withstands the stresses of fill/finish processes too.


Nest & Tub

1.5 ml


2.0 ml


3.0 ml

Un-Capped Pre-Capped


Glass Cartridges
Stopper Glass Cartridges


05 Safety

Enhanced patient safety:

  • Fewer breakages
  • Improved container-closure
81 Optimized Process

Fewer operations

A reduced number of stops/failures

20 Pen Injector

Same original geometry

to ensure compatibility with current pen devices

24 Compatibility Drug Container

No modification of the glass surface or glass type


Preferred market choice

193 Problem To Solve

Emergency drugs

199A Biologic Molecule


Preferred market choice

Nexa® Plus Cartridges: Enhanced mechanical resistance and improved cosmetic appearance

Nexa® Plus cartridges allow outstanding processability in high-speed filling operations, combining higher strength, and enhanced cosmetic appearance compared to traditional cartridges.


SG Nexa Plus Glass Cartridges
Stopper Glass Cartridges

Preferred market choice

235 Diabetes


235 Diabetes


199 Chemical Molecule


Preferred market choice

How do I fill it?
We’ve solved the issue with EZ-fill double configuration

Whether you’re interested in the high yield and efficiency of traditional high-speed processes or the flexibility of combi-lines, the EZ-fill® platform has a solution.

SG Nexa EZ-fill Glass Cartridges
SG EZ-fill Glass Cartridges

About EZ-fill®

The EZ-fill® platform has been developed in close collaboration with equipment manufacturers in response to the need for increased operational flexibility.

Thanks to the unique layout of secondary packaging, EZ-fill® maximizes filling efficiency by allowing different combinations of filling nozzles. From incoming material to final product shipment, every aspect of the filling process can be streamlined with EZ-fill®.

Over the last 12 years, more than 250 lines have been installed using EZ-fill® packaging technology. The platform has been adopted by 30 global filling machine producers and has been applied on 80 different machine models.

Fina® Cartridges: Maximum degree of customization in bulk format

Fina® cartridges are available in bulk format and are suitable for liquid or lyophilized drugs.

Fina® cartridges have dimensional and cosmetic AQL levels based on ISO 13926-1 (Pen Systems) and 11040-1 (Glass cylinders for dental anesthetic cartridges) regulatory requirements and are compliant with PH.Eur., USP and JP for applicable parts. The highly flexible design can be customized for specific applications upon customer request. 


104 Cartridge Cosmetic Quality

High cosmetic quality

Increased container integrity to better protect and preserve drugs

25 Regulatory Expertise

Improved system of quality management

Reduced AQL for critical defects and dimensional tolerances compared to standard glass

106 Cartridge Wide Range Of Sizes

Wide range of sizes

Produced according to a high-quality, validated process with options to customize the design for specific applications

105 Cartridge Impoved Mechanical Resistance

Higher mechanical resistance

CoA (Certificate of Analysis)


Preferred market choice

89 Filled Cartridge

Injectable anesthetics and insulin

102B Cartridge bypass filled

Liquid and lyophilized products

Preferred market choice

Add-on components

The cartridge system comprises a glass barrel, a plunger and a lined cap (aluminum cap + lined rubber) or a vial crimp (aluminum cap + rubber stopper). Depending on the application and fill-finish process, the stoppers and caps vary in sizes, formulation, and design. 

Working with the best-in-class manufacturers and an expert team, Stevanato Group is able to determine and supply the most adequate solution depending on the final application of the injection.

Add-on Specifications

41A Cartridge Plunger

Rubber Plunger Stoppers

  • 1mL – 1,5 mL – 1,8mL – 3 mL
  • Special devices applications
  • Different Designs / Suppliers / Formulations
36B2 Caps Lined

Lined Caps (for Cartridges from 1ml to 3ml)

  • Mono-layer for ≤ 5 punctures
  • Bi-layer for > 5 punctures
  • Different Designs / Suppliers / Formulations
36B1 Caps Alu

Vial Crimps (for Large Volume Cartridges from 5ml to 20ml)

  • Lyo / Serum
  • Coated / Un-coated
  • Alu-cap with or without flip-off
  • Different Designs / Suppliers / Formulations

Add-on Specifications

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