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High-quality pharmaceutical glass ampoules compliant with ISO 9187 and available in different size and with different break systems. High quality glass ampoules
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To meet the needs of different pharmaceutical applications, Stevanato Group produces a variety of pharmaceutical ampoules compliant with ISO 9187; classified as "cut open" and "flame-cut open" form B, "open cup" form C, "stem sealed dome type" form D and "stem sealed Marzocchi type" form E.

Our portfolio of pharmaceutical ampoules ranges from 1 mL to 25mL, with three different break systems: color break, OPC and score ring.


Upon customer request, Stevanato Group can provide an outer gliding treatment, inner ammonium sulfate treatment and serigraphy.

  • Ampoule boxes
  • Multiple colors on the body or top
  • Special print on the body
  • Special models on request
  • Ampoule breakers


ampoule form B
Form B
ampoule form C
Form C
ampoule form D
Form D
ampoule form E marzocchi
Form E "Marzocchi"


Our production methods and logistical processes for ampoules are compliant with the strict terms and conditions of pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets in order to ensure the correct connection to the client’s QA & QC processes.

Quality Control

Our quality control processes for ampoules cover every phase of production.

Production departments are equipped with:
175 Ampoules Measurements

Instruments for measuring the break force, with automatic collection and analysis of data on host computers

56 Visual Inspection Ampoules

100% dimensional camera inspection

25 Regulatory Expertise

Integrated system for data management of product quality control

61 Serialization

Traceability systems for all the key manufacturing parameters (e.g. materials, equipment, operators, etc.)

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