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Glass Microvials - Stevanato Group - Stevanato Group
Glass microvials produced from type 1 glass, with different designs to guarantee full compatibility with spray devices for nasal and sublingual applications. Stevanato Group.
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Glass Microvials

Easily integrates into spray drug delivery systems for nasal and sublingual applications. Through its historic Ompi brand, Stevanato Group produces glass microvials from Type I glass.

Our microvials are available in different designs for compatibility with different spray device models.

This includes single and multi-dose applications for sublingual or nasal administration.


55 Glass Processing

Glass forming process featuring strict cosmetic and dimensional in-line controls to guarantee tight tolerances

59A Sterile Handling Nest

Microvials handling and packaging are carried out in classified ISO 7 areas

50 Nesting & Tubbing

Optimized secondary packaging solutions: Microvials are also available in Nest & Tub configuration


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