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There’s nothing artificial about our intelligence

Our platform combines our experience and expertise with deep-learning models to deliver a
bespoke solution that enhances the quality inspection process for every customer.

 Is your organization

  • Struggling to reduce costly re-inspection of products?
  • Exploring new technologies to improve your OEE?
  • Wondering if you're getting the most out of your machines?

Now is the time to unlock the potential of Artificial Intelligence in visual inspection. Stevanato Group Vision AI – a secure, cloud-based platform featuring Deep Learning models – helps deliver enhanced inspection performances, increasing the detection rate while minimizing the false rejection rate.

We are with you all the way

For us, the journey is as important as the outcome. We support our customers to ensure the intelligent application of technology. A qualified team of vision and AI engineers provides data analysis with continuous support for tasks from image collection to model development and qualification.

Key Benefits
06 KPI Production Performances

Enhanced inspection performance

Increase of up to 99.9% in defect detection accuracy for both cosmetic and particle inspection – and tenfold reduction in false rejects

210 Saving

Reduced costs

Savings from avoiding gray item re-inspection and cutting time-consuming optimization/parametrization of machines

316 Travel Safety

Safe data sharing

Secure protection of confidential data and full traceability

217 Data Management Cloud

Low Total Cost of Ownership

A cloud approach avoids disk space limitations and high maintenance costs while protecting you against data leaks

A performing platform backed by qualified experts:
Stevanato Group Vision AI in a nutshell


Your data are always online and available. The certified cloud-based platform that stores images and data can work with any other cloud-based or on-premise system, allowing operators to handle images even if they are stored in the server.


Stevanato Group’s AI platform provides a seamless user experience with an -easy-to-use Graphical User Interface for data lake uploading, labeling and tool management.


The platform – based on Microsoft Azure platform - enables data sharing in a completely safe environment. Multifactor authentification and encrypted communication ensure complete access control and data security.


Continuous support is available for all platform capabilities throughout the process. Our experts assist you with a variety of tasks, including a labeling assistant tool to optimize timing for classification and new recipe development.


The platform features a wide range of statistics and visualizations (heat maps, confusion matrix, etc.) for model performance evaluation. You can track and monitor all processes through reports.

Optimising Pharma Visual Inspection - Unlocking the Potential of AI
Optimising Pharma Visual Inspection - Unlocking the Potential of AI
60 min MIN.
Optimising Pharma Visual Inspection - Unlocking the Potential of AI

How does it work?

Adopting Deep Learning in the inspection of your pharmaceutical products is going to be straightforward.
Learn more about our solution. Embrace the future and contact us today!

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