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Partnering with customers to provide science-based insights on drug-container interaction to ensure the safety, effectiveness and integrity of pharmaceuticals.
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One of the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry is to ensure the best primary packaging system to guarantee the integrity, safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals.

With their combined experience, Stevanato Group and Nelson Labs Europe are able to support customers in defining the most suitable primary packaging system through analyzing container-drug interactions.

Capabilities and testing

296 Glass Tubing
Glass Tubing -Raw Simulation
305C_DCS closures
Glass Container Definition and Closures System Selection
162 Software Simulator
Simulation study
67 Chemical Analysis
Toxicological Evaluations on Extractable Data
335_toxicologic test
Full Toxicological Assessments on the Results of a Leachable Study
Biocompatibility Testing (According to ISO 10993)
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