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Job Opportunities: apply for a Job at Stevanato Group! Enter our HR platform to find open positions and new job opportunities. Job Opportunities.
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Professional opportunities in Stevanato Group

With a worldwide presence, Stevanato Group employs more than 4.000 people who share our commitment towards customer satisfaction and patient well-being. Joining Stevanato Group you become part of a group of highly dedicated people who are committed to developing innovative solutions to complex problems for our customers across the pharmaceutical industry.

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Education and training
76 World Global
International opportunities
04 Job Opportunities
Career opportunities
71 Time (Engineering)
Flexible working hours
206 Family Friendly
Family friendly
11 Health
Healthy Days

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Corporate Functions

Experts on Finance, Administration, Human Resources, Supply Chain are just a few examples of the figures working in Stevanato Group

careers_market sales
careers_market sales

Marketing & Sales

Our geographical presence allows us to face different market needs that have to be properly managed and addressed by a skilled commercial team



A dedicated team of engineers and scientific experts contributes day by day in our product and services improvement



Through our team of experts in Technologies, we produce machines from design to installation, going through testing, prototyping and set up

job career quality
job career quality

Operations & Quality

Developing an high-quality product for pharmaceutical market requires an efficient group of people committed to continuous improvement


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Stevanato Group is growing all over the world and offers many other job opportunities that you can consult here

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