Highspeed Packaging Line - Stevanato Group
This highly performing secondary packaging line packages pen injectors and palletizes their boxes.
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The challenge

Different configurations comprising two pen injectors, needle packs, leaflets and boxes needed to be handled in a high-speed packaging line to ensure high productivity. Furthermore, the customer’s product inspection specifications demanded maximum reliability.

The solution

This side-loaded packaging line, processing at least 100 pens per minute, is capable of labeling and packing two different pen injectors in a large size range of cartons along with needle packs, leaflets, shipper boxes, and shipper box labels.

Maximum accessibility for operators, ease of maintenance, and high-yields guided the equipment design. For these reasons, we engineered and manufactured the line so that operators can easily access any working area and quickly shift from one batch to another. Thanks to the automatic changeover, all format change can be done in less than 5 minutes, after line clearance.

The benefits of teamwork with the customer reflected in the project execution flow; we were able to deliver a reliable turnkey line, even with an aggressive lead-time.

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