Multi-format Packaging Line - Stevanato Group
We designed and manufactured this flexible secondary packaging line to handle multi-format pharmaceutical products.
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The challenge

In the pharmaceutical market, the variety of products being packaged continues to grow, as do the requirements for labeling and patient information that needs to be included in the carton. This European customer wanted to automate their packaging processes with a turnkey line that could manage different levels of aggregation for multiple packaging formats.

The solution

Stevanato Group accepted the challenge to develop a cohesive line for the entire packaging process: from labeling the vials and inserting them in the cartons, to case erecting and finally grouping and packing the cases onto pallets. This also included the full serialization of individual containers and control systems for close monitoring of the quality throughout.

The top-loading cartoner, case erector and fully automated end of line equipment results in a turnkey solution for the customer.

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