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Clinical Trial Packaging Line - Stevanato Group
We delivered a compact line capable of packaging different clinical trial samples in a multi-format presentation.
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The challenge

One European customer tasked Stevanato Group to configure and install a line capable of packaging clinical trial samples in a multi-format presentation, within an extremely compact footprint.

The customer needed a line capable of labeling cartridges, vials and syringes, placing those elements together with accessories and instructions in a variety of carton presentations. This customer also required full serialization, aggregation and reconciliation capabilities.

Key system benefits:

  • Single line handling three different prefilled primary glass container families
  • 148 different product combinations can be processed
  • Flexibility - able to handle the smallest volumes (Lot 1 concept)
  • Rapid, simplified and automated changeovers: 20 minutes from last good product, to first new good product
  • Fully embedded serialization, aggregation and reconciliation
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Data connectivity and integrity

Highlights on the layout



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