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Gentle container handling for highest product integrity

January 25, 2019

Everything in the pharma industry is about quality. This is also our motto when designing and manufacturing systems to handle containers.

Containers integrity is a main driver leading our actions and gentle handling is at the basis of any concept.

To meet the customers’ needs, Stevanato Group Engineering Division has designed and manufactured an innovative highly automated handling unitNestor – which processes RTU containers, such as syringes, to and from nests & tubs and can be integrated in any other machine or process: from a filling or an inspection machine to blistering or packaging machines, just to quote the main applications.  

Market available solutions typically consist of 3 separate machines: de-nesting, the relevant machine and re-nesting unit, which occupy a considerable floor space. Nestor can be integrated with the main equipment reducing the layout while increasing efficiency: integrating handling of RTU containers through the process enables to accomplish these operations within a single, compact and efficient system.

This solution presents many benefits for the pharma companies, such as the no glass-to-glass contact, which prevents glass damage, product losses and costly downtime, throughout the entire process. Further to this the integrated nest and tub buffer enables to maximize production efficiency and to limit operator intervention. Find out Nestor’s cutting-edge features.


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