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Stevanato Group with its brands offers a complete range of integrated products, expertise, technologies and services for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.
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Company Brands

Glass Primary Packaging
With more than 70 years’ experience in the production of glass primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, Ompi is the first historical brand of the company, founded by Giovanni Stevanato in Piombino Dese. Specializing in the production of glass primary packaging for pharmaceutical use, Ompi collaborates with pharma companies to continually raise its quality standards and develop customized solutions.

Glass Converting
Since 1971 Spami has been the technological leader in designing and assembling automated lines for the transformation of glass tubing into containers for pharmaceutical use. It continuously upgrades its technology, addressing the real needs of glass tubing packaging manufacturers, offering higher quality, higher stability of the process, higher speed of output and facility of use.

Analytical Services
Born in 2015, SG Lab aims to continually attain the leading edge in scientific and technological expertise both for Stevanato Group and for its customers. It offers a wide range of analytical services related to glass primary packaging, with a focus on analytical chemistry, material properties, and physical and mechanical performance.

Plastic Solutions
Founded in 1908 and acquired by Stevanato Group in 2016, Balda specializes in high-precision plastic injection molding for pharmaceutical and healthcare applications, including diagnostic consumables, dispensing devices and medical components. Offering both contract manufacturing and development services, Balda is our one-stop CMO and CDMO partner.

Visual Inspection
For more than 30 years Optrel has been developing advanced inspection technologies for pharmaceutical products and is focused on the inspection machine market for the pharmaceutical industry, including parenteral drugs, injectables and solid dosage inspection using automatic and semiautomatic equipment. Founded in 1983 in Vicenza (Italy), the company was acquired by Stevanato Group in 2007.

Visual Inspection
InnoScan is a Danish technology leader in the development, production and marketing of complex, high-speed inspection machines for pharmaceutical injectables. It is specialized in the field of automated systems for quality control for finished pharmaceutical products and ready to serve the increased quality requirements demanded by pharma industry, regulatory authorities and end users. Founded in 1988, InnoScan was acquired by Stevanato Group in 2013.

Assembly & Packaging Equipment
SVM is specialized in the design and construction of high-technology machines and systems for packaging, assembly and serialization for the pharmaceutical products. SVM develops specialized machines from the conceptual phase up to production, testing and service. Founded in 1974 in Denmark, the company joined Stevanato Group in 2016.

Product Brands

Our Brands

With a rich history of organic growth and strategic acquisitions, Stevanato Group has curated a comprehensive portfolio of integrated products, capabilities, technologies and services for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.