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Dual Chamber Glass cartridges - StevanatoGroup
Dual chamber glass cartridges for the reconstitution of lyophilized compounds, featuring accurate dosing, simple administration, and high device compatibility
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Dual Chamber Cartridges

Shelf life stability is one of the key challenges for sensitive drug formulations, which have witnessed continuous growth in the past few years and are projected to grow even further in the future.

When lyophilized compounds are reconstituted separately it can impact both dose accuracy and handling efficiency. Dual chambers cartridges are the perfect solution to overcome these challenges.

The two chambers are separated by a plunger and a system allows the two substances to be mixed or reconstituted right before administration.


Customized dual chamber cartridges available upon request


Injection device compatibility

Shortened time-to-market

Simple administration: fewer preparation steps compared with traditional vial/syringe combinations

Ease of use: more efficient and convenient administration of lyophilized drugs

Increased patient safety: reduced risk of contamination, increased dose accuracy and minimized reconstitution errors

Flexibility: cartridges suitable for single and multi-dose pen applications


The cartridge by-pass can be created with different technologies

The position and length of the channels can be customized to meet customer requirements.

Dual Chamber Glass Cartridges
Dual Chamber Glass Cartridges

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