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With a wide expertise in visual inspection technologies, we evaluate each product and its properties to deliver tailor-made applications.
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Innovation at our core

Stevanato Group has a deeply rooted culture of innovation. We work closely with pharma companies to find holistic and future-proof solutions that help them maintain their leadership position by increasing productivity and quality.

Start building your factory of the future with Vision Robot Unit (VRU)


Stevanato Group is excited to present a modular, robotic, proof-of-concept system for inspecting parenterals. By employing artificial intelligence principles and applying the technology to the inspection task, we engineered the Vision Robot Unit (VRU).

The VRU is a reliable, autonomous island machine, capable of fully automated inspection (cosmetic and particles) without human intervention.

The concept
342 Plug

Island design
Modular plug and play concept at component and module level

164 Product Change Notification

Freely configurable infeed and outfeed: from/to nest & tub, tray or bulk configurations

72 Flexibility

Vision units can be added to increase final output

Ultimately the VRU’s Artificial Intelligence allows the system to become:


Inspection reacts to changing product characteristics during each batch run


Continuous learning from production and operators; re-training of new defects; false-reject reduction by re-training of false positive


Feeding and handling systems

Plus Microvials

The PLUS equipment for micro vials is a compact, fully automatic inspection machine designed to spot even the smallest defects in the smallest glass primary packaging.

Tracking the particle trajectories can be challenging, due to the low drug volume the micro vials contain. Different stations for particles and cosmetic inspection ensure a comprehensive and effective inspection rate up to 300pcs/min.

Container integrity is a primary driver for our continual investment in developing new and innovative solutions; and smooth container handling is especially important when inspecting micro vials.

Drawing on our team’s expertise, we designed new mechanical solutions, such as clip wheels and clip belts, that provide additional protection during transportation. The clip belt is design for fast and easy format changes and the possibility to re-inspect gray items.

Furthermore, we use electromechanical devices instead of vacuums to eject bad items for improved reliability and fewer machine stoppages. Watch the video to learn more.

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