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Stevanato Group's know-how in visual inspection and high-value-added drug containment solutions joins forces with IL Group's advanced labeling technology and equipment to offer an integrated system capable of raising performance and safety levels in the production and handling of hazardous injectable drugs.

A perfect match for the process: An all-in-one solution for reduced TCOs

Combining Stevanato Group's innovative Vision Robot Unit (VRU) with IL Group's labeling equipment enables efficient human-like inspection and labeling of glass containers without the need for human intervention. Automated and smooth handling contributes to increased production efficiency and protects operators.

A perfect match for the product: Enhanced quality and safety, all at your fingertips

Stevanato Group's pre-sterilized EZ-fill® vial platform featuring no glass-to-glass contact, together with IL Group's Vial Protect Pack (VPP), whose plastic cup protector and shrink label cover minimize the risk of breakage, prevent the contents spilling – increasing operator protection and mitigating production risks. Protection against UV light for sensitive drugs is also available.

115 Cosmetic Quality

Enhanced safety and quality: EZ-fill® technology, VRU robotic smooth handling and VPP labeling features improve containers' integrity, reduce breakage risks, and avoid direct contact with hazardous drugs

100 Reduced TCO

Total Cost of Ownership reduction: The integrated solution coupling high-performance inspection with advanced labeling technique can process ready-to-use containers, streamlining production flows

05 Safety

Protection against UV light: different film options enable protection for sensitive drugs

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IL Group (formerly Iwata Label Group) is an industry leader in the pharmaceutical label and labeling machine manufacturing.

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