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Inspection machine processing plastic syringes up to 20mL at speeds up to 24,000units/hour
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Inspection machine processing plastic syringes up to 20 mL – max speed 24,000 units/hour

This machine reliably inspects plastic syringes with or without plunger rod, ensuring a reliable detection of contaminants and cosmetic defects thanks to a full set of inspection options. A seamless upstream and downstream integration is granted by our handling systems.

  • Container range: plastic syringes
  • Container size: up to 20mL syringe  
  • Inspected products: water-like, viscous
  • Speed: up to 24,000 units/hour

Available inspections

92B Filled Syringe Particles
Particle inspection
92 Filled Syringe
Cosmetic inspection
92C Filled Syringe Level
Fill level
119 Flange
Flange and plunger control
43 Plunger Rod
Rod check

Main features

  • Continuous motion
  • Motorized spindles
  • Real-time inspection results
  • High-speed, high-resolution cameras
  • Innovative inspection algorithms for false rejection reduction
  • Separation of defects by categories through mechanical pusher activated by linear motors Optional: vacuum pump 
  • Cameras and lighting sources are mounted in a movable arm which in perfect synchronization follows the main turret through a dedicated servo motor and its processing CPU
  • Change parts optimized for quick changeover
  • Full IQ/OQ support package
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