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Plus 400-Plus 400 LKD - Stevanato Group
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This machine is the first choice for high productivity processes, ensuring inspection efficiency and reliability. Covering a wide range of drugs, ranging from water-like to difficult-to-inspect products, it ensures an extremely high production flexibility.

  • Containers range: ampoules, vials, cartridges
  • Containers ø: < 52mm
  • Inspected products: water-like, viscous, suspensions, lyo
  • Speed: up to 24.000 units/hour

Available Inspections

89B Filled Cartridge Particles
Particle inspection
89 Filled Cartridge
Cosmetic inspection
89A Filled Cartridge Level
Fill level
36B Caps Alu Lined
Tip/cap inspection
263A_Filled Vial_lyo_inspection
Lyo inspection: top, lateral, bottom cake
103A Capped Cartridge Inspection
Alu seal control
41A Cartridge Plunger
Cartridge plungers
311 Leak Detection Cartridge
Integrated leak detection on Plus 400 LKD model

Main features

  • Continuous motion
  • Motorized spindles
  • Real-time inspection results
  • High-speed, high-resolution cameras
  • Innovative inspection algorithms for false rejection reduction
  • Separation of defects by categories through
    mechanical pusher activated by linear motors Optional: vacuum pump
  • Cameras and lighting sources are mounted in a
    movable arm which in perfect synchronization follows the main turret through a dedicated servo motor and its processing CPU
  • Change parts optimized for quick changeover
  • Full IQ/OQ support package
  • HGA available upon request

LKD Features

  • Applicable to any type of containers containing liquids, which have minimal electroconductive
  • Four High Voltage detection stations capable of generating up to 35KV at high frequency

Plus 400 LKD Vials

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Plus 400 LKD Cartridges

Plus 400 LKD cartridges
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Case Study

Stevanato Group recently installed a second visual inspection system for a pharma company
located in Central America, filling and finishing 2R vials with vaccines for children, upgrading it
with new inspection functionalities.

The challenge

Inspect a turbid suspension in containers filled with
low-volumes of drug product. The equipment needed to be capable of handling current and future production speeds while reducing false-rejection rates.

The solution

By integrating our advanced trajectory algorithm for particles and line scan cameras to detect cosmetic defects, Stevanato Group was able to inspect containers at a mid-high speed (24,000 pieces per hour) while ensuring optimum product integrity.

Thanks to a turbidimeter, we were also able to measure the aluminium gel phosphate
concentration, a stabilizer that preserves the vaccine shelf life. A quality element that
has everything to do with the fundamental safety and efficacy of the company’s vaccine.

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