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Inspection machine processing containers up to Ø 52mm at speeds up to 12,000 units/hour
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Inspection machine capable of processing containers up to Ø 52mm at a maximum speed 12,000 units/hour

A compact, fully automatic inspection machine with index motion technology for reliable and efficient detection of cosmetic defects and contaminants. It can adapt different inspection programs for ampoules, vials, or cartridges. Integrated leak detection is available on the Plus 200 LKD model.

  • Containers range: ampoules, vials, cartridges
  • Containers ø: < 52mm
  • Inspected products: water-like, viscous, suspensions, lyo
  • Speed: up to 12,000 units/hour

Available inspections

89B Filled Cartridge Particles
Particle inspection
89 Filled Cartridge
Cosmetic inspection
89A Filled Cartridge Level
Fill level
36B Caps Alu Lined
Tip/cap inspection
263A_Filled Vial_lyo_inspection
Lyo inspection: top, lateral, bottom cake
103A Capped Cartridge Inspection
Alu seal control
41A Cartridge Plunger
Cartridge plungers
311 Leak Detection Cartridge
Integrated leak detection on Plus 200 LKD

Main features

  • Index motion
  • Motorized spindles (optional)
  • Real-time inspection results
  • High-speed, high-resolution cameras
  • Innovative inspection algorithms for false rejection reduction
  • Fixed inspection components
  • Separation of defects by categories through vacuum pump
  • Change parts optimized for quick changeover
  • Full IQ/OQ support package
  • HGA available upon request

LKD Features

  • Applicable to any type of containers containing liquids, which have minimal electro-conductivity
  • Two High Voltage detection stations capable of generating up to 35KV at high frequency
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