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MAVIS Platform - Stevanato Group
World-class syringe visual inspection in a compact footprint processing up to 24.000 units/hour.
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Inspection power in a small footprint.

MAVIS Platform is our latest innovative suite for best-in-class inspection results. Developed to match every drug perfectly, MAVIS Platform guarantees easy and accessible operations for maintenance and control. It combines advanced inspection performances with a small footprint.

The first arrival of the series is suitable for the inspection of pre-filled syringes.

  • Container range: syringes
  • Container ø: up to 14.45 mm
  • Inspected products: liquid, suspensions, gel-like
  • Speed: up to 24.000 units/hour

Available inspections

MAVIS Inspection Machine for Syringes offers superior inspection thanks to up to 18 inspection stations – 9 inspection slots in the carousel and 9 in clip wheel/belt.

92B Filled Syringe Particles
Particle inspection
104B Filled Syringe Cosmetic
Cosmetic inspection
92 Filled Syringe Level
Fill level
41 Syringe Plunger
Plunger (syringes)
311A Leak Detection Syringe
Integrated leak detection
36 Syringe Closure
Closure Integrity

MAVIS Inspection Machine for Syringes offers unique inspection performances, increasing innovation and profitability.

  • Compact footprint: up to 18 inspection stations to ensure the most accurate detection performances in a compact layout
  • Gentle handling: smooth and precise handling with no glass-to-glass contact
  • Integrated: De- and Re-nest configuration or infeed and outfeed in line embedded
  • Ready for deep learning
  • Configurable outlets for maximum production flexibility
  • Easy installation and maintenance: total accessibility, designed to guarantee quick and easy maintenance
  • Easy to operate: 2 HMIs to improve the usability
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