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CVT Series - StevanatoGroup
High-speed machines inspecting ampoules, vials, cartridges - max Ø 20mm
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High productivity rate using advanced inspection technologies.
CVT inspection machines promise to deliver high-speed, high-performance inspection of a wide range of drugs. Thanks to its patented imaging technology, it provides reliable inspection results on difficult products such as foaming liquids, suspensions and viscous products such as insulin or hyaluronic acid.
CVT is the best choice for inspecting challenging drugs at high speed.

  • Container range: ampoules, vials, cartridges
  • Container ø: 6-20mm, h=30-130mmm
  • Inspected products: water-like, viscous, suspensions, lyo
  • Speed: up to 48,000 units/hour (18,000pcs/h for lyophilized drugs)

Available Inspections

Particle inspection
Cosmetic inspection
Fill level
Tip/cap inspection
Alu seal control
Cartridge plungers
Color ring
Closure integrity (integrated HVLD or HGA module)

Main features

  • Individual rotation units to ensure proper re-homogenization of suspensions
  • Can accommodate a pre-spinning carousel with ­ intermediate buffer to efficiently handle bubble-prone products
  • Gentle line handling with a minimal number of transmissions
  • Integrated full body HVLD, including inversion module for low fill containers
  • 100% reconciliation for quality assurance
  • Automated re-circulation of ejected containers
  • Freely configurable inlets and outlets for maximum production flexibility
  • Features a flexible input with no glass-to-glass contact and a flexible output for with integrated robotic palletizer, for unstable products
  • Short format change-over time including format dependent index positions
Automatic inspecion for lyo and suspensions on the same equipment
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