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Annealing ovens devised to guarantee an optimal thermal profile, highly performing and completely safe for the operators. Annealing ovens, Stevanato Group.
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Optimal thermal profile and high performances

Stevanato Group offers two annealing oven models for the annealing of vials, cartridges, and syringes. These machines are designed to provide optimal thermal profile  and are cost convenient, highly performing and fully safe for the operators.

Built for stability and efficiency

Their structure consists of solid cross-section bars made of welded steel.

The belt is made of stainless steel to resist the high temperatures reached inside the chamber. The heat is maintained thanks to refractory and insulating materials, which ensure energy saving and safety for users.

The tunnel is equipped with thermocouples to monitor the thermal cycle, while the self-adjusting system allows for keeping the temperature within the tolerances set by the Operator.

Available in 2 different versions with gas burners (consumption: 5 m3/h) or electric heating elements (consumption: 36 kW), Stevanato Group annealing ovens are compact and require very little maintenance.


  • No glass-to-glass contact
  • Automatic control of the thermal cycle
  • Belt speed control
  • High annealing uniformity thanks to the containers vertical position (for vials)
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