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Licensed Auto-injectors - Stevanato Group
You can draw from an auto-injector portfolio meeting varying treatments and drug properties, thanks to strategic collaborations
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Playing together to win

We team up with leading medical device developers to bring the combination products you need to the market. 

As pharma companies increasingly shift their core competencies away from manufacturing to focus on device improvements and market platform-based, consumer-driven solutions, Stevanato Group is the ideal partner to support you in this journey.

With our unique integrated approach, we can help you mitigate supply chain risks and reduce time to market.

What you get

Our expertise in drug containment solutions and our engineering and manufacturing capabilities are key to making the auto-injector development process and launch smoother.

We provide guidance on the choice of the best-suited primary container with our Technology Excellence Centers

We can offer world-class drug containment solutions designed to fit with auto-injectors

We can quickly scale manufacturing with our automation equipment and production services

Explore our offering

Aidaptus® auto-injector

We are the manufacturing partner for Owen Mumford’s innovative syringe-based auto-injector

Maverick Auto-injector

An innovative cartridge-based auto-injector for emergency use in partnership with Duoject and Novocol Pharma

30 min
Collaborating to simplify device development and optimize glass solutions for auto-injectors
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