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Nasal Spray Assembly Line - StevanatoGroup
We delivered a high-speed nasal spray assembly line, capable of handling two formats on the same line.
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The challenge

An American-based contract manufacturer specializing in nasal sprays and sterile solutions needed a reliable line to assemble two different products with a high volume throughput.

The solution

To meet these challenges, our engineers created a high yield assembly line, based on our fully automatic linear motion platform, BasiQX XTV. Processing 200 pieces per minute, the line offers high flexibility enabling a multi-format device assembly on the same equipment, thus reducing total investments for the customer.

The equipment was developed with a range of inline controls that made it possible to deliver the highest quality standards. This includes using different technologies, such as camera inspection, force monitoring or pull tests to ensure device functionality.


  • Inline inspection via camera of all the glass primary containers
  • Micro vial inspection for chips and cracks
  • Micro vial insertion and inspection force monitored positioning
  • Actuator mount and pull test
  • Laser printed labels with quality grading
  • Dual outfeed for a seamless downstream inline integration

Highlights on the layout


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