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Stevanato Group Adding New Capacity in Italy Amid Growing Demand for Its Market-Leading Solutions - Stevanato Group
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May, 31 2022

Stevanato Group Adding New Capacity in Italy Amid Growing Demand for Its Market-Leading Solutions

Piombino Dese (PD), Italy (May 31, 2022) – Stevanato Group S.p.A. (NYSE: STVN) a leading global provider of drug containment, drug delivery, and diagnostic solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences industries, today announced the acquisition of a new industrial complex in Cisterna di Latina, Italy. The new facility is expected to strengthen Stevanato Group’s presence in Europe and expand the Company’s production capabilities to satisfy increased demand for its standard and premium products from high-growth customers.

“As our customers continue to advance specialized treatments and patient care, the need for high-quality drug containment such as our high-value solutions continues to grow. Our integrated solutions resonate with our customers, and we aim to be the partner of choice in the research and development of innovative pharmaceutical delivery solutions,” said Franco Moro, Chief Executive Officer of Stevanato Group. “For these reasons, we are investing in our global network to expand our industrial footprint, operations and premium-product capacity to match our customers’ needs.”

The new 65,000-square-meter brownfield facility will be partly powered by renewable sources, adding production capabilities and technologies to complement the Company’s existing plant in Latina, Italy. The site will be dedicated to the production of standard and EZ-fill® solutions, using Stevanato Group’s state-of-the-art engineering technology and offering customers wider guarantees in risk mitigation and supply chain robustness.

The company is expected to employ around 190 people in the new Latina plant; production is planned to start in 2023 with the first EZ-fill® lines will be operational from the second half of the same year.

Franco Moro added, “We are strategically expanding in one of the largest pharmaceutical hubs in Italy to serve our customers’ growing needs for EZ-fill® solutions and other products.”

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