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Hybrid Event Berlin - Germany
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PDA Europe Visual Inspection Forum

PDA Europe Visual Inspection Forum

19 - 20 October 2020

Hybrid Event

Berlin - Germany

Take part in the next PDA Europe Visual Inspection Forum – Innovations in Automated Visual Inspection!

The event will be held both in person, in Berlin, and online, for those who will not be able to travel.

Discussions will focus on new developments in the field of visual inspection, especially on the use of automated visual inspection technology in the production process.



Our engineering expert, Søren Christoph Meyer - Stevanato Group Inspection Proposal Manager, will contribute to the conference agenda with an interesting speech about:

 "Inspection of Difficult to Inspect Lyophilized and Suspension Products on a Combi Inspection Machine"


The presentation will focus on the issues related to the automatic inspection of lyophilized and suspension products, characterized as Difficult to Inspect Products. It will demonstrate how different specialized methods can be combined in a combi inspection machine, capable of achieving both high Detection Rates and very low False Reject Rates.

Join his presentation on Monday, October 19th, from 3:05 pm to 3:30 pm, included in “Session 2: Inspection of cell Therapy Products and other Difficult to Inspect Products”. 

Preview Picture VRU
Preview Picture VRU

Don't miss the chance to attend the Poster Presentation of Dr. Andrea Sardella - Pharma Inspection Product Development Management:

“Vision Robot Unit: Human-like Inspection for Personalized Healthcare”

We have just launched our novel Vision Robot Unit, VRU, featuring Artificial Intelligence and integrated robotic handling. This modular solution will help pharma customers to automatically inspect both cosmetic and particle properties of complex drugs without human intervention. The adaptive unit exhibiting continuous learning from both production and operator stimuli will bring significant improvement in the reduction in both false rejects and, even more importantly, false positives.

Learn more at our poster presentation.

Visit the expo area and get in touch with our team at Stevanato Group tabletop no.4!



PDA Europe Visual Inspection Forum

Los-Angeles-Platz 1

Berlin - Germania