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PDA Japan Prefilled Syringe Seminar - Stevanato Group
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Hybrid Event Tokyo - Japan
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PDA Japan Prefilled Syringe Seminar

PDA Japan Prefilled Syringe Seminar

14 - 15 September 2021

Hybrid Event

Tokyo - Japan

Join us in the PDA Japan Prefilled Syringe Seminar – “What are required to deliver combination products to medical front”. The seminar will illustrate the different steps that need to be taken for combination products to be delivered to the patients for treatment.

Come and meet our experts of Ompi of Japan – Stevanato Group in person or virtually. Don’t forget to visit us at our tabletop!

Paolo Golfetto Photo
Paolo Golfetto Photo



Wednesday, September 15, 11:20-12:00 (GMT+9)

Paolo Golfetto - Business Development Drug Delivery Systems Director 

"Integrated Capabilities from Design to final Device Assembly: Early Considerations for an Emergency use Auto-injector" 


This paper will overview the challenges, opportunities, and evolving technologies for a safer, more efficient, and patient-friendly emergency auto-injector platform.

The paper highlights topics are:

  • What’s new in primary packaging materials for auto-injection platforms?
  • The need for a multi-dimensional structure of competencies to expedite time-to-market, especially for complex drug delivery devices, and to reduce risks for the bio-pharma entity
  • Developing auto-injectors for mechanical reliability and customizability
  • Manufacturing challenges/opportunities

Panel discussion:

Wednesday, September 15, 16:30 - 17:30 (GMT+9)

Gabriele Peron - Senior Marketing Advisor

Brigitte Reuter-Haurle - Vetter Pharma


PDA Japan Prefilled Syringe Seminar

Hybrid Event Tokyo - Japan