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From ACC to Department Leader - Stevanato Group
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Briefly tell us about your story at Stevanato Group?

«I've been working at Ompi in Piombino Dese for Stevanato Group for over 15 years now. After a few months as an operator in the clean room for vials, I became a coordinator and quality assistant. In 2003, I applied for an internal company campaign to become a Production Unit Leader and in the same period, I was able to oversee the installation of the first syringe forming line at Piombino Dese.»

«The Group and I grew up together: the production of syringes expanded rapidly, and the number of lines installed increased. This allowed me to become team leader in 2006. In 2014 I received the proposal to become a Department Technician, together with the opportunity to teach about syringe forming in our internal SG Academy. I became the Head of Department on the 7th October 2017. I never imagined I could grow so much and achieve this goal: but I feel a great sense of satisfaction!»

What is your best memory?

«It has to be the opportunity to follow the SG Alba® syringe project, one of our next-generation products. We had a highly collaborative team who took part on this project, and I co-ordinated the start-up of the 0,5ml line with OVS. It was a huge success; both from a professional and personal point of view.»

What challenges do you expect in your new role?

«My biggest challenge will certainly be the management of the department reports, for which I have much to learn. But I know that the collaboration we've experienced over the years with my colleagues will help me a lot in this first period. Having co-ordinated teams in the past, I am not afraid of managing people; the important thing is to treat everyone with respect, even when the moments seem difficult, always setting a good example.»

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