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Advancing the industry of wearable devices

September 16, 2019

Wearable devices are emerging as a viable solution for modern healthcare therapies.* This being driven by a demand for innovative device solutions that meet the need for reliable administration, compliance monitoring and improving patient quality of life.

Diabetes is the therapeutic area that helped pioneer the use of self-injection systems and is witnessing an increase in prevalence. Recent statistics indicate the global diabetic population is expected to grow from 2017 to 2045 by 48% per year.** Currently, the devices used to deliver insulin are mainly pen injectors and vials/syringes on one side, and insulin pumps on the other. 
Insulin pumps are the preferred choice for patients on Multiple Injection Therapies (MIT), but the complexity of the device makes it expensive when compared to an injection pen. Stevanato Group has developed a wearable device that can bridge the gap between functionality and cost, offering a new category of wearable.

Winner of the “Best innovation in Drug Delivery Device” award at the Pharmapack Paris exhibition in 2019, our cartridge-based wearable device represents the fully integrated approach of Stevanato Group. Having one partner that can manage an entire project - from container closure system to mass production, up to the assembly technology - is key to bringing a device to market faster and more easily.

Steven Kaufman and Paolo Golfetto illustrated our product and our integrated approach in the September issue of On Drug Delivery:  click here to read the full article and find out all the details.

* Source: IDF Diabetes Atlas



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