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We delivered a flexible pen injector assembly line based on our linear motion platform, enabling to handle different formats on the same line.
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The Challenge

Our journey into the pen injector industry began in the mid-1990s and over the years we have gained a thorough understanding of the market. Recently Merck Serono approached us to design and manufacture a mid-high speed line assembly and packaging line for their site in Bari, Italy. A high level of automation and precise inline controls were required to assemble and package their fertility pen according to their standards.

The solution

Based on Stevanato Group’s BasiQX XTV platform featuring a linear motion transport system, engineers designed an efficient and flexible assembly with a smart layout. 

The system allows for multiple programs to be run sequentially on the same line, facilitating shorter lead times to assemble new sets of components with different features. The equipment is designed for an overall capacity of 70 devices per minute and all products are inspected within infeed modules before entering the assembly line. The line performs inspections using vision technology and sensors. Rejects are handled automatically and monitored throuout the system. Pens are labeled and placed in trays for the final production phase.

The line is also equipped with a palletizing unit. A large robot palletizer with a multi-functional gripper ensures the secure and flexible transport of trays and shipper boxes between processing stations. The secondary labelling module is based on a labelling platform, with a high capacity labeler. In- and out- feed of product is handled by agile flex pickers.

Main Features
72 Flexibility

3 pens with 12 different doses assembled on one line

05 Safety

Individual priming to ensure proper dosage

13 Quality

100% inline controls: 8 key parameters controlled to meet the highest standards

26 Minimizing Risk False Reject

Only defective components are rejected

Highlights on the layout

Flexible packaging machines assembly line
Flexible packaging machines

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