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Health, Safety & Environment


Stevanato Group aims to ensure the health and safety of its employees, customers, end users, suppliers, partners, visitors and to protect the environment.

It operates its worldwide business under the principles of sustainability. Health, safety, and environmental management are vital parts of its business process.

Through its Pharmaceutical System and Engineering System, the Group commits to comply with applicable legal requirements and all other requirements relating to health, safety, and the environment.

Stevanato Group encourages its organization to act according to the highest standards in terms of health, safety, and environmental protection. Stating with senior management, each employee is accountable for implementing these values. The goal of every person is to anticipate risks and identify preventive actions to avoid these risks, thus actively contributing to reducing the possibility of injuries or occupational illnesses.

Thanks to energy saving programs and optimization of natural resource consumption, Stevanato Group pursues the continuous minimization of the environmental impact of its processes and products over their entire lifecycles. Specific focus is applied to waste and air emission reductions, implementing the best available techniques and reporting health, safety, and environment management results to stakeholders.

As part of its commitment to ethics, the Group actively involves its stakeholders in the continuous improvement of processes to bring responsible development to the communities where it operates.



Environment Indicators

The environmental performance has a direct and indirect impact on human health and on the environment.

For this reason, the Group is committed to exceeding customer expectations in terms of respect for the environment and sustainability.



The Glass Primary Packaging Division generates several types of waste, depending on the nature of manufacturing operations.

The Group has always been committed in improving process efficiency resulting in less waste generated. Today, 73% of the produced waste is recycled (percentage increasing to 97% in Europe).

Gas and Energy Consumption

In the last 3 years, Ompi has been moving from a predominantly bulk production to a production in higher quality (Nexa and Fina) and EZ-fill®. This entails an increase both in gas and energy consumption.

The indicators are increasing because of the higher level of quality request, and because of the startup of new plants, but the analysis of this trend represents the reason why Stevanato Group's commitment has now focused on energy efficiency.

This is applied through different activities starting from the re-use of the heat produced by the forming lines, to the installation of LED lamps, to the substitution of old boilers or air conditioning system with new more efficient models, ending with photovoltaic panels and the installation of a trigeneration system in the Headquarters.

Energy Consumption


Gas Consumption



Ompi_Syringes_Set_Operator_Old Photo_N0C0006

Pharmaceutical containers are part of the pharmaceutical product itself, and therefore must represent maximum quality for the patient.

The quality of the product goes hand-in-hand with patient safety, which is the primary objective for everyone involved in the process.

Since Stevanato Group creates systems and processes that guarantee the integrity of parenteral medicines, it has defined a list of principles that guide the everyday activity of all its sub-brands.

These principles are the basis of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), representing the quality management system orientation of the whole Group.

The aim is to always guarantee:

  • Patient safety
  • Product conformity
  • Customer-focused orientation
  • ISO15378 conformity
  • Quality Management System conformity
  • "Right first time"
Ompi Quality Compliance
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Ompi Certificates (all Plants)

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Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Our Code of Conduct defines the Stevanato Group requirements for suppliers (including service providers) concerning their responsibility towards both humans and the environment.

We expect our suppliers not only to fulfill these requirements, but to promote and impose compliance with the Code of Conduct on their own suppliers in turn.

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