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Inspection machine for large volume parenteral vials (LVP) and bottles
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Inspection machine for large volume parenteral vials (LVP) and bottles

This machine is the first choice for high productivity processes, ensuring inspection efficiency and reliability. Covering a wide range of drugs, ranging from water-like to difficult-to-inspect products, it ensures an extremely high production flexibility.

  • Container range: glass and plastic bottles (LVP vials)
  • Container ø: from 42mm (50ml) up to 78mm (1000 ml)
  • Inspected products: water-like, viscous, suspensions and fat emulsions
  • Speed: up to 18.000 units/hour

Available inspections

262 Infusion Bottle
Cosmetic inspection
262A Infusion Bottle Level
Fill level
262B Infusion Bottle Deformed
Deformed plastic bottles
103A Capped Cartridge Inspection
Cap closure inspection
36B Caps Alu Lined
Alu seal control

Main features

  • Continuous motion machine
  • Motorized spindles
  • Real-time inspection results
  • High-speed, high-resolution cameras
  • Innovative inspection algorithms for false rejection reduction
  • Cameras and lighting sources are mounted in a movable arm which in perfect synchronization follows the main turret through a dedicated servo motor and its processing CPU
  • Separation of defects by categories through vacuum pump
  • Change parts optimized for quick changeover
  • Full IQ/OQ support package
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