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Automatic visual inspection for lyo and powders - Stevanato Group
Inspection Solutions for Lyophilized drugs: highly performing machines to inspect difficult-to-inspect products, such as lyo and powders. Stevanato Group.
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Difficult-to-inspect products call for advanced, high performance systems. Through our consolidated expertise and reliable equipment solutions we can support you in achieving your productivity and quality goals, even when inspecting freeze-dried drugs.

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EASY SERIES small diam.





Containers range Ampoules, vials Ampoules, vials, cartridges, syringes, bottles Ampoules, vials, cartridges, syringes Ampoules, vials, cartridges, syringes Syringes, cartridges, vials and ampoules
Containers sizes < ø 30mm ø < 51mm < ø29mm < ø20mm Up to Ø 51,6 mm*
(max output per hour)
Up to 24.000 Up to 24.000 Up to 36.000 Up to 48.000 Up to 24.000
Integrated HVLD module Yes – Easy 400 LKD model Yes – Plus 200 LKD and Plus 400 LKD model Yes - upon request Yes - upon request Yes


* Container range related to vials

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Automatic inspecion for lyo and suspensions on the same equipment
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Easy 400 - powder inspection
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An array of protein-based therapies is being launched in the market for an increasing range of application treatments. These products typically present as difficult to inspect, they characterize as dense emulsions and suspensions, lyophilized or unstable complex biotech drugs (mAbs) to quote a few. Difficult-to-inspect products (DIP) call for new challenges, requiring vendors operating in the pharma visual inspection to master inspection technologies to ensure product integrity, for patients’ safety. Contrary to current belief, Automatic Visual Inspection for these drugs can be successfully implemented and support pharma companies to reach their productivity goals. This webinar will provide a platform to illustrate the latest techniques available today and how Stevanato Group is addressing these challenges. Through best practices we will cover results obtained in the inspection of a comprehensive range of difficult-to-inspect products. The discussion will also address the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and the results it can deliver.
60 min
Exploring best practices in visual inspection for Difficult-to-Inspect Products
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