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SG LDP Vials - Ompi - Stevanato Group - StevanatoGroup
Minimized risk of delamination thanks to an optimized low-heating glass vial forming process mitigating the risk of surface inhomogeneities formation
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Low Delamination Propensity (LDP) Vials

After conducting extensive research on the chemical performance of the glass vial inner surface and the glass forming process parameters, Stevanato Group added SG LDP Vials to its portfolio. These containers are specifically designed to minimize the formation of surface inhomogeneities.

SG LDP Vials are produced with Type 1 Borosilicate glass and have no coating, meaning that there is no need to re-file to Official Authorities.

The issue

The delamination of pharmaceutical glass is a serious issue as it can cause glass particles to appear in a vial. The first step is the formation of an altered layer that leads to the separation of thin glass flakes.

Factors leading to delamination

  • Drug formulation: aggressive buffers, complexing agents, high pH
  • Storage Conditions: temperature, time, etc.
  • Surface Treatments: presence sulfur, coating, etc.
  • Process and shelf life: depyrogenation, terminal sterilization, etc.

Delamination may cause

  • Compromised drug integrity
  • Product recalls
  • Reduced product shelf life

2R, 4R, 6R, 8R, 10R, 15R, 20R, 25R, 30R both SG EZ-fill® and bulk


Higher stability of the drug during its shelf life

No glass formulation changes

No need to re-file your drug

No coatings

Comparable to the raw material in terms of release of glass elements


Preferred Market Choice



Preferred Market Choice

SG LDP Vials

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