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Two different models of needle assembly machines, both geared towards ensuring ease of use, and energy saving. Needle Assembly Equipment, Stevanato Group.
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Needle assembly at its finest

Leveraging our knowledge in glass primary packaging and automation equipment, we have engineered two different models of needle assembly machines, both geared towards ensuring ease of use, lowering equipment footprint and saving energy.

The machines are engineered to insert and glue the needles in the glass barrel. A camera inspection system controls both cosmetic and dimensional standards.


The ASA36 is a flexible off-line machine ideal for assembling a wide range of needles and syringes.

The machine comes with an automatic de-blistering system for the syringe infeed and an automatic blistering machine for the syringe outfeed.

The system is equipped with a complete range of inspection systems for the adhesive, needle and glass syringe.


  • Processes up to 52 pieces per minute
  • UV lamps for curing of the glue
  • Dimensional and cosmetic inspection system performed by a dual-camera system
  • Needle oscillation and tip integrity
  • Total length of the syringes with needle
  • Glue inspection
  • Flow test to measure the air flow through the needle


  • Easy set-up
  • Automatic blistering and de-blistering machine
  • High-precision pick-up device
  • Needle loading system with servo motors
  • High number of stations for a broad range of syringes/needles
  • High processing speed and repeatability
  • Flexibility to suit a wide range of needles and syringes
  • Integrated with fully automatic control system


The NAM is a very compact needle assembly machine that can operate both in-line and off-line, in ISO 8 clean rooms. NAM features improved process quality, high throughput (up to 120pieces/min) and a more efficient cosmetic and dimensional inspection.

These results are achieved thanks to:

  • An LED-light curing system, ensuring reduced energy consumption and improved glue polymerization
  • 1 dedicated carousel for each of the performed operations: needle insertion; glue curing; dimensional and cosmetic inspection
  • Dimensional and cosmetic inspection based on a high-precision camera system with the rotating syringe (needle oscillation; needle tip integrity; total length of the syringes with needle; glue inspection)


  • No glass-to-glass contact
  • No glass-to-metal contact
  • Dynamic buffer at infeed
  • 360° inspection of containers
  • Needle magazine loading while the machine is running
  • Maximum accessibility to testing, maintenance, cleaning, batch and format change


  • LED curing, energy saving, low maintenance and cost-convenient spare parts
  • All movements are servo-controlled
  • Reduced number of mechanical parts
  • Limited number of format parts
  • Inlet and outlet sampling station
  • Needle magazine loading while the machine is running
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