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A readily customizable on-body solution for the drug delivery market

Stevanato Group’s On-Body Delivery System (OBDS) is a semi-reusable drug delivery device composed of a disposable pod with a pre-loaded cartridge and a reusable controller. With the ability to deliver micro-precision basal doses and full-content bolus injections, the OBDS is a highly flexible, customizable platform suitable for a wide range of therapies.


User interface

The On-Body Delivery System is a flexible platform that can readily accommodate customizations in the user interface, including buttons, visual indications and icons.


Therapeutic areas


Suitable for a broad range of subcutaneous Therapeutic Areas; especially applicable for complex regimens, including small molecules and large molecules (MABs).

174D Medirio Bexson

Platform adaptable for Oncology, Central Nervous System, Psychiatric disorders, Pain Management and more

Therapeutic areas


89 Filled Cartridge
Standard 3mL pre-filled cartridge, pre-loaded in Pod during final assembly
174F Medirio Bexson Locked
Watertight enclosure, with no patient access to medication container
75 Customization
Fully programmable delivery, from micro-precision basal doses to full-content boluses
193B Problem To Solve
Simple user interface with audible, visual and tactile feedback
12 Environment
Semi-reusable system reducing environmental impact of electronic components

Integrated capabilities

274_design circle
Device design
89_Cartridge filled circle
Glass container design & manufacturing, also available in SG EZ-fill® configuration
66_analytical circle
Analytical & testing services on glass container and functional tests on the device
196A_Molding circle
Plastic injection molding, sub-assembly of fluid path
267_SVMarm circle
Final assembly & packaging equipment
SG_EZ-be Pod_Bexson_draw
SG_EZ-be Pod_Bexson_draw

On-Body Device ketamine formulation developed in collaboration with Bexson Biomedical, Inc. to treat chronic and acute pain disorders


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