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Aidaptus® auto-injector Manufacturing - Stevanato Group
We are the exclusive manufacturing partner for this innovative auto-injector platform
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A collaboration built for success

Bringing any device to market can be challenging. And now you have the opportunity to partner with two experts in the industry.

Owen Mumford's device expertise is joining forces with Stevanato Group's unique engineering and manufacturing experience. The collaboration brings the full value of the Aidaptus® auto-injector platform to the market, helping patients self-administer their therapy using a simple and easy-to-use device.

Aidaptus® auto-injector

Aidaptus® is a 2-step, single use auto-injector with a versatile design that accommodates both 1mL and 2.25 mL prefilled glass syringes in the same base device. It is also able to accommodate a unique variety of drug viscosities.



At Stevanato Group, we are committed to supporting customers to benefit from the advantages of this innovative new platform.

We know flexibility and experience count when it comes to manufacturing a device. And we are here to deliver. As a trusted industry partner, your benefits of working with us, in collaboration with Owen Mumford, include:

97 Time OK
Faster time-to-market with built-in risk mitigation
276 Globalsupplychain
Reduced complexity in terms of supply chain
57 Packaging & Assembling
Proven track record and robust manufacturing infrastructure
154 Operation Excellence
Added value of expertise in drug containment and equipment solutions

Precision injection molding & assembly

With our knowledge of scalable manufacturing and industrialization, we are molding high-quality components for Aidaptus® and providing a range of assembly services.

We have invested, both in Europe and in the US, in tool design, injection molding, and metrology to ensure each component is produced with precision.


Flexible sub-assembly equipment

Our modular assembly platforms scale with your production, easily adapt to market demand, and integrate comprehensive inline controls for critical quality and device attributes.

When choosing Aidaptus®, you will benefit both from Stevanato Group assembly global manufacturing sites and Owen Mumford automated assembly centre of excellence in the UK.


Support your primary container choice

With a growing trend toward biologic drug products, our focus is on helping you early in the process, offering the right containers and mitigating risks. Thanks to our extensive expertise in drug containment solutions and analytical and testing services, we can do it.


Making your life easier

As part of a completely integrated auto-injector solution, you also have the option to choose our drug containment and automation equipment solutions. Building an integrated plan, we help you reduce complexity and the time to bring your device to the market.

We can provide market-leading pre-fillable syringes: Nexa® and Alba® platforms are designed to fit with a broad range of auto-injectors, such as the Aidaptus® auto-injector, to ensure smooth integration and optimized high-quality performance.

Our modular final assembly platforms scale with your production, from lab to high volume production. They easily adapt to market demand and multi-format needs and integrate comprehensive inline controls for critical quality and device attributes.

30 min
Collaborating to simplify device development and optimize glass solutions for auto-injectors

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