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Flexible platforms for complex assembly tasks and high volume production, scalable up to 200ppm.
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One platform.
Countless Applications

The best-in-class choice for pharma companies and contract manufacturers to assemble pen injectors, auto-injectors and several medical devices from all sorts of life-science areas.

This platform breaking through modularity and scalability promises to turn things upside-down. Discover how you can reduce CAPEX investments on your device assembly equipment and get a shorter time to market, manufacturing different device formats, or devices on the same line. You can integrate manual stations or go for full automation. The platform adapts to your needs, from small to high-volume production.

Linear Platform

Semi-Automatic Assembly Line

06 KPI Production Performances

Each carrier has individual control curves to accelerate, brake, position and synchronize itself, according to operations performed on the machine. This has the benefit of minimizing the overall length and associated investment and operational costs thanks to cycle-time-optimized station layout.

246 Scalable

With modular design and simple extension, production lines can be designed and built with actual production needs and Capex restrictions in mind. You get fast time to market paired with already integrated ramp-up of production volumes for the future.

72 Flexibility

Capable of handling various elements with different sizes and shapes, the platform allows for multiple programs, which means shorter lead times and the production of components with different features on the same machine.

80 Compact Footprint

Compact footprint
Precise control of the carriers’ acceleration and deceleration is an important benefit as it helps
optimizing the processes operated on the line, such as vision inspection controls, printing or labeling, etc., thus reducing the need to implement further stations.

164 Product Change Notification

No dust or abrasion: our transport system significantly reduces the risk of contamination that comes attached with conventional beltand chain-type conveyors. Moreover, its operation is very silent and requires no special maintenance, which also makes our equipment an ideal solution for clean rooms.


vertical horizontal transport system
vertical horizontal transport system

BasiQX platform is available with vertical (XTV) or horizontal (XTH) transport system. Check out here the main features of each version.


Servo driven solution Servo driven solution
Inspections and other processes adapt to different cycle rates Inspections and other processes adapt to different cycle rates
Freely configurable component infeed and outfeed systems Freely configurable component infeed and outfeed systems
Possibility to integrate automatic change over Allows to integrate manual workstations with fully automatic equipment
Maximum accessibility Suitable for limited sites’ footprint
Long and slender machine layout More squared layout (wider and shorter)
1 operator side 2 operator sides
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