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March, 30 2023

Stevanato Group to Showcase Its Latest Development and Equipment Solutions at Interphex NY and Interpack in Spring

Stevanato Group will be at this spring’s main tradeshows in the US and Europe to discuss the main challenges that pharma companies encounter in visual inspection, assembly, and secondary packaging processes and introduce drivers and benefits of implementing digitalization: from performance-enhancing to improvements in accuracy, efficiency, and overall quality.

Stevanato Group is committed to developing applications and technologies to take visual inspection and assembly processes to the next level, optimizing costs and timing, detecting minimal errors, reducing waste, and efficiently managing the entire process.

Visiting Stevanato Group’s booth #1319 during the Interphex show in New York from April 25 to 27, visitors will learn more about the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, Digitalization tools implemented in the manufacturing processes, including Digital Twin.

Visitors will also see a live demo of the Plus-400 machine for visual inspection of ampoules, vials and cartridges, and an assembly benchtop. The inspection equipment is characterized by high-speed and high-resolution cameras for high-productivity processes, and is able to deliver real-time inspection results, also separating defective pieces by categories. The assembly unit is a perfect match for the device development phase and to analyze process parameters (components processability, required forces, etc.)

From May 4 to 10, Stevanato Group will join the Interpack show in Dusseldorf, Germany, to present its latest news in automatic visual inspection, assembly, and packaging equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

After introducing the MAVIS platform for fully automated visual inspection of pre-fillable syringes in 2022, Stevanato Group will announce new insights regarding its Combi machine at Interphex and Interpack in 2023.

MAVIS Combi is a state-of-the-art machine for automatic visual inspection belonging to Stevanato Group’s MAVIS platform. Designed to process any glass-filled drug container, this machine performs superior inspection, featuring enhanced flexibility. MAVIS Combi can inspect syringes, vials, ampoules, and cartridges, nimbly switching from one format to another, and detecting with extreme accuracy particles, cosmetic defects, and closure integrity issues thanks to top inspection technologies developed by Stevanato Group.

MAVIS Combi key features to explore:

  • Suitable for any drug container solution – syringes, vials, ampoules, cartridges
  • Inspected products: liquids, suspensions, gel-like and lyophilized substances
  • Performing advanced visual inspection with a small footprint
  • Speed: up to 400 pieces/hour
  • Ease of use, installation, and maintenance
  • Enhanced safety and accuracy, costs reduction, optimized production timing

Stevanato Group will also showcase a live demo of a high-speed auto-injector assembly line at booth #17A73 at Interpack. The line is designed to meet the market requirements for flexibility, efficiency, and scalability to streamline drug delivery device programs.

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